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What We Do

Gold Shield Home Inspection Services LLC should be your go-to Home Inspection Service, whether you’re buying or selling your home, or just getting a peace of mind check-up for your home. Our goal isn’t just to inspect your home, but it’s also to educate our clients in what to look for in taking care of their home. We try not to use any jargon when doing so, because we are a client-oriented business. We’ll guide the homeowner or future homeowner with tips and tricks to take care of your home with proper maintenance information.We’re always here for our clients. Last minute inspections are always welcome. Gold Shield Home Inspection Services LLC will take care of you. Get it done right. Get it done with Gold Shield. 

Why Are We Different?


How We Work...

While most companies will just use binoculars and do a visual inspection from the ground, I will walk the roof and do a physical inspection, insuring a quality check every time.

We also don’t just exclusively do inspections for the buyer of homes, we take care of pre-market inspections for the sellers too! 

Quality Inspections Quality Results

  • Comprehensive Home Inspection with Digital Photos
  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection
  • Continuous Air Radon Testing
  • Air Radon E-Perm Testing
  • All Water Testing
  • 24 Hour Turn-Around Reports                         


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property, it is always best to make sure you get top quality home inspection services that thoroughly inspects the entire home or commercial structure to effectively identify the property’s strengths and areas for improvement or repair.

For home buyers, getting top-notch professional home inspection, allows you to learn everything you need to know about the property you intend to buy and be alerted on existing structural, electrical, and other existing issues, as well as potential issues that may cause significant problems in the future. Knowing all of the home’s flaws and areas for improvement also allows you to negotiate for better prices on the property.

For home sellers, knowing everything you need to take care of with regard to your property’s issues and possible problem areas allows you ample time to have them fixed before putting the property on the market. This ensures that you get to sell your property at a better price point than is the needed repairs and areas for improvements were not brought to your attention through the pre-market home inspection.

If you’re in Fairfield or surrounding areas, and are looking for outstanding professional home inspection Fairfield Area clients trust, you couldn’t have come to a better place!

Gold Shield Home Inspection Services LLC is a private owned, service oriented company dedicated to providing top-notch professional home inspection services for home buyers and sellers in the Fairfield Area and surrounding communities.

Here at Gold Shield Home Inspection Services, we are committed to upholding the highest standards in property inspection to ensure accurate, reliable results every time. From start to finish, you can be sure you’re getting the trusted, dependable service you deserve every time you come to the seasoned pre-market inspection experts here at Gold Shield Home Inspection Services. 

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